What else to see
Tranquility, calmness and harmony with a historical touch

Excursion in the castle

We invite you to find out more about the 11 generations of the Budberg family that ruled Gārsene, to walk the wide corridors of the castle, see the historic tile stove and feel the presence of the Blue Lady - our resident ghost. Bigger groups are invited to inform before arrival.

Discover the park

A nature trail that winds through the Dienvidsusējas valley will delight everyone – the meandering river, the many bridge crossings, recreational areas and other surprises are there to make your walk enjoyable. You are welcome to take a walk on your own or ask for a guided tour. Tickets are on sale in the castle’s tourism center.

Private collection of antiquities

Wander back in time in this rich collection of historic agricultural tools, furniture, photos, tableware, music, books, electronics and much, much more. This private collection is a trip down memory lane for many of us and is an instructive insight into life long past for others. The enthusiasm of the owner Valdis Kalnietis will ignite your imagination. Valdis kindly invites you to call him to plan your visit: +371 26430814 (in Latvian, Russian and Lithuanian).

The church

The lutheran church of Gārsene was built in 1904 by the Budberg family in honour of the baron’s wife Constance Getrude Worth. The church boasts two colorful stained glass windows in its facade, depicting the family’s crests. The church’s organ was made in the famous workshops of E.F. Walker. During the high season the church is open every day, free of charge.